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Jr. Partner Position - Life By Design Studios



Life By Design Studios is a company whose primary focus right now is real estate investment educational content through multiple platforms. In the future, the company will expand into life coaching, empowerment, health and spirituality and is focused on providing extraordinary value and changing people’s lives!

Real Estate content and training is based off Dylan Borland’s career in real estate. Starting with buying his first investment property at the agent of 17 and subsequently having completed over 2,500 fix and flips, 108 single family rentals, built multiple real estate hedge funds and is building a $100M value-add multifamily portfolio. Dylan has found incredible joy and passion in his teachings and helping others learn and achieve in this space.


We are looking for 1-2 individuals to fill the role of Jr. Partner(s) . Jr partners are responsible for executing the companies vision and building the organization. While the parent company takes care of all support and operations. Jr. Partners also share in the upside and profits for their commitment and hard work. We are looking for 1-2 partners who can now take the groundwork and systems we have laid for life by designs and “carry the torch to great heights”.


This person would be responsible for continuing to build the brand and execute the plan, hit revenue goals. Some responsibilities will be to


  • Come up with new revenue models using Dylan and his knowledge and experienceMaintain and schedule free content and educational material.

  • Maintain and build social media platformsSchedule and host paid & Free meetups, and events

  • Book paid and free speaking engagements

  • Sell already published courses and content as well as schedule new courses

  • Book coaching clients Schedule and promote book sales

  • Schedule and book podcast

  • All speaking, coaching, education etc. Dylan will do, all this individual(s) has to do is promote and sell the products and services and come up with new revenues streams as well and orchestrate the entire process.


Requirements: This person must be committed to the companies’ overall core values in addition the top characteristics we are looking for is 1) extreme passion and desire to want to add value to peoples lives, love for people and to be focused on others first vs. themselves. You must have a mindset of giving unconditionally and removing your EGO and your wants/desires. That’s what Life by design is all about! 2) unwavering commitment to the organization



Compensation: Jr. Partners are just that. Jr Partners in the business, they share in the net profits of the company. Profit sharing is 10-30%.




Life By design


Dylan Borland Facebook: @dylansborland

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