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Director of Real Estate: Status: OPEN

The Borland Family Office is looking to fill the position for Director of Real Estate. This individual will be responsible for systematically building and maintaining the family's private real estate portfolio following the current investment mandates each year. We are looking for someone who is a good "life long fit" and a good culture fit. Someone that is committed to the family, the position and takes great pride and joy in this position. If you are looking to build your own real estate portfolio this position is not for you if you can see yourself working on behalf of the family and being an intricate part of the family's private portfolio this position is for you. 

The director of real estate will be responsible for all private real estate transactions and syndications from sourcing opportunities that are in line with the year's objectives to closing on opportunities and managing the growing portfolio. You will work very closely with Dylan in executing this plan. Generally speaking, our office seeks to acquire a property per quarter in the small balance real estate space, meaning acquisitions that require $1-5M in equity or generally $4-20M an acquisition. However, all acquisitions must be in alignment with investment objectives we will simply go into a holding pattern otherwise we are in no rush to buy, they must be good buys sometimes we only buy 1-2 properties per year sometimes more than 4 some years none. 

To qualify you must demonstrate the ability to source and underwrite a property. This is not an entry-level position you must come in adding value and with the necessary skills. 

The position allows for the chance to work remotely you will not need to report to any office and can work from home or a private office of your own. Though you may need to travel regularly to maintain said properties. There may also be times where you spend weeks or months on site executing plans. There is a strong daily schedule to follow but no set hours, this position may require odd hours. 

Compensation is negotiable though should incorporate reward-based objectives. We very much want this individual to share in the wins with us and grow with the family. We propose compensation of 1% of acquisition price on any asset plus a portion of the gross revenue on each asset.


I know we will get asked what could one reasonably suspect to earn?  That will likely vary each year, however, it's reasonable to expect 1-4 acquisitions a year earning from $50k to 200k per acquisition plus a small portion of gross revenue each year which may add anywhere from $5-25k a year per property to income for as long as we hold the asset. 

Overall Goal of position: To take over the focus on building the private portfolio and management so Dylan can focus on continuing to give back and provide value in others' lives through Life By Designs and sink deeper into that mission. 

To apply please send the following to

Stage 1: (email to Dylan now the following in stage 1, if you miss a step in stage 1 you will automatically not be considered, it's important you demonstrate you can follow requirements) 

  • Resume 

  • 3 personal and 2 work references

  • Cover letter outlining why you would be a good fit for this position and how you could add value 

  • A list of your own personal core values whether in business or life 

  • List last 5 books read

  • Demonstrate you are financially stable for at least 6 months, your earnings will come from properties you have helped acquire 

  • Demonstrate your track record in sourcing deals and property 

Stage 2: If all goes well in stage 1 will proceed to stage 2

  • You must demonstrate proficiency in underwriting a deal we will give you a deal to underwrite on your own 

  • You must demonstrate an understanding of the industry and keys words

  • Take a personality test 

Stage 3: If all goes well in stage 2 will proceed to stage 3

  • In-person meeting(s) with Dylan and Family 

Stage 4: 

  • If all goes well above you may receive an offer to be hired. There will be a 90-day demonstration period to show you were the right fit for this position. There will be a lot of weight on you finding a deal that is suitable to close on and beginning to close in this time frame so be prepared.  We will also be looking closely that you are a good culture fit. Similar culture, beliefs, and mindset will be important in this particular position. 

Though this application and position may sound very serious and proper and it is, don't let it stress you, we are about taking life easy being in alignment with the flow of things, surrounding ourselves with good loving like-minded people and about enjoying life and adding value to others' lives every day. So take a breath, smile and let's enjoy life together :) -Dylan 

Learn more about Dylan at 





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