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Syndication Team   

We are rebuilding our team and focused on bringing together some of the best and brightest in the multi-family syndication business! 


You must come to the team to adding value!  This isn't training day, together we can do more! 

We are currently hiring top talent for the following, all position pay is negotiable 

  • Acquisitions: Expectations  to find at least 1-2 properties per quarter that meet our criteria 

  • Equity & Investor Relations: Expectations to be able to raise $3-10M+ per deal once or twice per quarter

  • Regional Property Manager: Expectations, to oversee the management of 1,000 units 

  • Controller/ Finance: Expectations, to oversee all the companies finances and budgets for each asset. 

  • Social Media Marketer: To primarily promote Borland Capital Partners across social media and to drive investor traffic and interest to webinars and landing pages. 

  • Headhunter: To recruit and retain top talent for the team 

To Apply it's simple, email the following to 

  • No resume, no cover letters, I want to get to know you! Send a video to me discussing the following

    • Your experience and qualifications for the position​

    • Why you think you would be a good fit 

    • How you could add value 

    • What are some of your core beliefs on culture? 

    • What core belief's define you ? 

    • Which is more important to you money? or value/service to others? 

    • please keep to less than 5 min. 

    • *Miss any of these and you will automatically be disqualified 

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