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Current Openings

Life By Design Studios

An educational company focused on empowering individuals and providing extraordinary value. Real Estate Investment Coaching, Life Coaching, Health, and spirituality. 



Investments in Multi-Family and value add investment property across the U.S. 

No Current Openings

Borland Capital

Private Equity Division of Borland Companies. Focused on raising capital and funds for value-add real estate investments across the U.S. 

Borland Residential

Focused on single family value add Opportunities.

No Current Openings

Our Values 

We are committed to the following  core values. 

  • Focus on value to others above all

  • Simplify everything 

  • Steer away from complexity 

  • Long-term multi-generational wealth and cash flow for our team and investors 

  • Think Lean, think systems

  • Committed to world-class

  • Do the right thing 

  • Be radically responsible

  • Radical truth and transparency 

  • Respond with a sense of urgency 

  • Eliminate resistance , allow flow 

  • We like ideas, but we love execution 

  • Every person matters

  • Control a destructive ego 

  • Always be learning, improving 

  • Focus on abundance 

  • Solutions lay within 

  • Do no harm to anyone or anything 

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