Fund IV

Focused entirely on Multi Family Investments Nationwide 

Borland Capital Partners Fund IV

Fund IV is focused entirely on investing in multi family value add assets and taking advantage of the current and upcoming opportunities in 2020-2025. The fund seeks total return over 5 years , the fund will only invest in assets that can produce at least 15% IRR preferred 20%+ 

Fund Overview 
  • Focus: Total return, value add multi family 

  • Location: Nationwide

  • Earning: 6% benchmark, 80/20 (Investor/Manager) split over benchmark 

  • Target Investor IRR: No less than 15% with preference given to opportunities 20%+

  • Fund size: $200M

  • Cost per share: $1,000

  • Minimum investments:

    • Individual: $50k​

    • Family Office $3M

    • Institution: $20M 

  • Term: 12 month raise, 3 year vesting, 1-2 year wind down

  • Fees: 2% on capital deployed 

  • Liquidity: 24 month restriction on share transfer. After 1) corporate repurchase offers 2) sale to other qualified investors 3) fund will help facilitate sale 4) wait until exit 

*Open to qualified individuals and institutions only under SEC exemption Reg D 506(c)

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Fund Video Overview 

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